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Do You Need An Animal Communicator?

Did you ever wonder what your animal would say if he/she could talk?  Now is your chance to find out!  Animals can communicate with us telepathically through thoughts and pictures and a lot of the time that's what they're trying to do!  If your animal has developed some undesirable behaviors or habits, chances are he has been trying to tell you something and you haven't been listening.  If you're frustrated and it seems nothing is working, it's wise to contact an animal communicator like Carey so she can listen to your pet and relay his message to you.  Sometimes just being able to express himself to someone can change your pet's behavior.  Other times your pet will have suggestions as to what you can do differently to make his life (and yours!) happier.  And who doesn't want a happier pet?!  Any living creature may have something to say--from dogs, cats and horses to fish, iguanas and tarantulas.  

Services Provided


Basic Consultation--for basic behavioral issues such as cats not using the litter box, dogs obsessively chasing their tails, basic malaise or depression in any animal, a feeling that your pet is "just not himself."  It can also be helpful if training is not going as well as desired or if you want to know how your pet is feeling about a particular issue, for example a change in schedule or diet, or the addition of a new family member. 


Connecting with a Deceased Pet-Animal Communicators like Carey can also act as a "medium" or "psychic" by connecting with your pet after an he/she has passed.  Often we are tortured by doubt or regret that we may not have done the "right thing."  Talking to a pet "on the other side" and being able to ask it questions can bring comfort that was previously thought unattainable.


Emotional Clearings and Energy Work for Traumatized Pets--sometimes if we've adopted an adult animal, it has come from an unknown past which may very well have included some trauma or abuse.  Other times our pets may be grieving the loss of another furry friend or a family member or could be suffering emotionally from a past physical trauma.  In these instances it can be very helpful for your pet to relay his emotional distress to you through an animal communicator, and Carey is very experienced at emotional clearing and energy work which can give your furry (or scaly, or feathered) friend much needed relief


Pet Tarot Card Reading--this is for when you want to know what your animal has to say and there's no particular issue to address.  It's an unstructured, free-form way to let your companion pass on information to you in a general way.  Sometimes they will express love to you, give you their perspective on your relationship, or let you know about something going on in your household energetically that you may not be aware of.  Often they will express what they feel their purpose is in your life. The Tarot Card Reading is meant to be light-hearted and fun, but no guarantees!








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