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What Happy Customers Have To Say!

--Carey has helped me on more than one occasion with my pets. She tuned into my finches and helped me to understand that they needed a bigger cage in order to be happier and less stressed. Also, her medical training as an acupuncturist enabled her to tune into my cat on more than one occasion when he had a condition that was not easily diagnosed by the vet. Both times she suggested a natural remedy that helped him to recover. If it wasn't for her insight I believe that we may never have gotten to the root of his problem.  --Charlene J.


--Carey has helped me understand my shared-custody dog Max on many occasions.  If he's feeling physically or emotionally under-the-weather, she can communicate with him and tell me what he needs to get back to feeling more like himself, whether it be rest or a change in diet or even more playtime.  Max wasn't well-socialized as a puppy so we've also been able to make headway in his large-dog aggression over time by doing some emotional work on his insecurity, and also doing Reiki.  It has really worked well in addition to dog training.  I would recommend Carey to anyone having any kind of issue with his/her animal.  It's been a huge advantage to get my dog's point of view.   --Robert J.

--My cat had to be on Prozac for four years to stop her marking my house with urine after we got our second cat. Unfortunately the Prozac stopped working. And we were so distraught we had made her an outdoor heated area. But she wanted to be inside. Carey talked with her and the behavior pretty much stopped. I didn't mention the cat communication to my husband, I know he wouldn't be able to roll his eyes big enough. But I did pass on the key points and asked him to try the cats requests. One of which was, don't call her a bad kitty.  Although said with endearment it was still negative. So we told her nice things and then started with only letting her in the house supervised. Now she is in the house unless we are at work. It's been almost 6 months and there have been three pee spots. Two I believe were marking against a neighborhood cat coming onto our front porch, and one when we locked her out of the bedroom, while the other cat was with us. So it has been a godsend. We were close to finding her a new home from the multiple peemarks on a daily basis.  So now we need no Prozac and don't have a pissed off cat. She is happy again and so are we!   --Tumi S.J.


--Carey was a huge help to me with both of my dogs! I was able to get a perspective that I really needed and I recommend her all of the time to friends and clients ;)

--Tamela C.


--I look to Carey often when I need clarity with my animals physical or emotional well being. I can ask her to communicate with Brody and Sara so I can provide what they need.  I had a stretch of time (a few weeks) where my boy had very low energy and I was VERY concerned.  She was able to guide me on what he needed and help me help him with natural supplements and amount of needed rest time. Carey has also been a HUGE help with my girl Sara. Sara was used as bait at the start of her life which had long term results. I was able to pair Carey's intuitive healing and communication with training to make a huge difference for Sara to be more social. Allowing her the space she needed to be successful and grow her friendships. Thank you Carey! I appreciate your passion and drive to make sure me and my kiddos work together as best we can.  --Lyndsi A.

--Carey is amazing. I recently introduced 3 Miniature Bantum Call Ducks into my urban farm the "Fat Radish" here in south east Portland. I invited Carey to help me see things from the ducks point of view. Carey spent time feeling out each duck and gave me good information for understanding each young duck. Floyd the only one of the ducks with a name currently expressed his appreciation of a name and wanted to let me know to slow down and to come enjoy him and his friends more. Duck two wanted to let me know things were good and that she was enjoying the place that I keep the ducks and that she waws there to help me be lighter in the world. The third let me know through Carey that He was here to help make my and his spiritual journey better. There was interplay about my cats and some loose talk about the rolls of the duck with my chickens and cats. 

My oldest animal, Theodore the cat imprinted Carey with the feelings of being part of a working pride and how pleased he was to be part of my and my sons life. We are and have been the three amigos for years. Theo is still working on allowing the younger female tuxedo kitty to have a place in the house. 

Carey did a wonderful job. If you are unsure of what is happening with your animals Carey is the one for you.  --Christopher B.

Our beloved 6 year old standard poodle has just returned home to us after a terrifying 10 day stay in the ICU unit at our Veterinary hospital. He stopped eating all of a sudden and became so lethargic that we took him in for a check-up only to be told that his liver was off the charts toxic and they immediately put him in intensive care.  Thank God that Carey had been communicating with Sky a few months before so when I contacted her she was able to tune in right away.  He was desperately ill so it was very challenging to dialogue with him during that time but she was so caring and persistent and was able to make contact every few days and help us understand what he was going through and how best to support him.  We were beyond ‘worried’ as Sky is way more than ‘dog’ to us and I don’t think that we could have maintained our sanity if not for Carey’s incredible efforts to support both Sky and us with quiet wisdom and loving energy.  Carey will always be a cherished blessing in all our lives.  She is such a gifted Earth-angel and our gratitude is boundless.   Thank you from our hearts Carey❤️🐩❤️  Judy T.

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